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Razor Wire

Razor wire
Razor wire drawing
Specification of Razor Wire
A, mm
Razor wire
B, mm
C, mm
D, mm
E, mm
"Egoza-10-1.8" 1.8±0.05 2.7±0.05 25.5±1.0 10.5±1.0 0.45±0.05
"Egoza-12-1.8" 1.8±0.05 2.7±0.05 27.5±1.0 12.0±1.0 0.45±0.05
"Egoza-10-2.2" 2.2±0.05 3.1±0.05 25.5±1.0 10.5±1.0 0.45±0.05
"Egoza-12-2.2" 2.2±0.05 3.1±0.05 27.5±1.0 12.0±1.0 0.45±0.05
"Egoza-16-2.5" 2.5±0.05 3.5±0.05 30.0±1.0 16.0±1.0 0.50±0.05
"Egoza-21-2.5" 2.5±0.05 3.5±0.05 36.0±1.0 21.0±1.0 0.50±0.05
"Egoza-16-2.8" 2.8±0.05 3.8±0.05 30.0±1.0 16.0±1.0 0.50±0.05
"Egoza-21-2.8" 2.8±0.05 3.8±0.05 36.0±1.0 21.0±1.0 0.50±0.05
"Egoza-16-3.2" 3.2±0.05 4.3±0.05 30.0±1.0 16.0±1.0 0.55±0.05
"Egoza-21-3.2" 3.2±0.05 4.3±0.05 36.0±1.0 21.0±1.0 0.55±0.05

Purpose of the Razor Wire

Razor wire is a modern version of barbed wire. Can be used instead of ordinary barbed wire for installation on fences and other structures. Razor wire is also used for the manufacture of concertina, spiral and flat barriers, razor mesh and other types of security barriers.

Razor Wire Design

Razor wire is a steel tape with sharp blades along the edges, crimped around a strong high-carbon wire with spring properties. This design of razor wire has high strength and efficiency.

Materials for the Razor Wire

Razor wire is made of high-carbon galvanized wire and galvanized steel coils; on special order it can be made of stainless steel.

At What Price Can You Buy Razor Wire?

The price at which you can buy razor wire from depends on many factors. First of all, the price of razor wire is affected by the diameter of its core, since the price of the wire used as the core of razor wire is a significant part of its cost. Secondly, the price of razor wire is affected by the type of razor tape used to make the razor wire. And it is quite natural that the wholesale price of razor wire is much lower than its retail price.