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Single Coil Barrier

Single Coil Barrier
Drawing of a single coil barrier
Drawing of the razor wire for the single coil barrier
Specification of Single Coil Barrier
Single coil
of turns
N, pcs.
D1, mm
D2, mm
L, m
d, mm
S, mm
"Egoza-S-300-2.2" 50 300 230...270 8...12 2.2±0.05 0.45±0.05
"Egoza-S-450-2.5" 50 450 360...410 12...16 2.5±0.05 0.50±0.05
"Egoza-S-600-2.8" 50 600 460...520 16...20 2.8±0.05 0.50±0.05

Purpose of the Single Coil Barrier

A single coil wire barrier is used to protect various objects from intruders. Single coil barrier is widely used to protect private property, industrial, commercial and many other objects in need of perimeter protection. A spiral razor wire is installed on all types of fences and other structures in one or more rows.

Single Coil Barrier Design

The single coil barrier is a reinforced barbed tape wound into a coil. The coils of the helix are not interconnected in any way. During installation, the barrier is stretched, forming a volumetric spiral with spring properties, the coils of which are located at some distance from each other. This design of the single coil barrier allows the barrier to be stretched at different distances during installation, depending on the need. The single coil barrier is manufactured in various diameters for use in various conditions.

Single Coil Barrier Materials

The single coil barrier is made of razor wire of various diameters. For the production of a single coil barrier, zinc-coated razor wire is used. On request, the single coil barrier can be made of stainless steel.

At What Price Can You Buy a Single Coil Barrier?

When buying a single coil barrier, its price depends on the same factors that affect the price of a razor wire, since, in fact, a single coil barrier is a coil of razor wire. The price of a single coil wire barrier when buying it is influenced by the type of razor wire and its diameter. The wholesale price of a single coil wire barrier is lower than its retail price.