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Unique Developments

Unique developments of security barriers

Characteristics of Our Products

Our company produces a wide range of standard types of security barriers, including concertina wire, spiral and flat barriers. At the same time, the characteristics of the goods we produce significantly exceed the range in which similar security barriers are presented. For example, the bulk of the concertina is offered with a diameter of 400 to 800 mm, while our company manufactures a concertina with a diameter of 300 to 1700 mm. The same applies to razor wire - most offers are limited to a core diameter of 2.4…2.6 mm, while we offer razor wire with a core diameter of 1.8 to 3.2 mm. The small diameter of the core of the razor wire makes it possible to reduce the cost of the concertina of small diameter, and the large diameter allows us to produce barriers with a diameter of up to 1700 mm.

Non-Standard Solutions

In addition to standard solutions, we offer security barriers, the design of which is based on unique developments. This applies both to the technology for the production of razor wire and its design features, as well as to the types of barriers that we produce. For example, our razor mesh is produced using a technology that allows you to create a barrier of any length without connecting seams, while most manufacturers make panels of razor mesh of a fixed size. We can also offer security barriers for use in unusual environments - for example, a security barrier that is installed on ships to protect them from pirates. Another example of our developments is a mobile barrier that can be installed using various types of vehicles. In addition, for objects with increased security requirements, we develop individual solutions based on various types of concertina and other razor wire barriers that can reliably protect any strategic object.