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Flat Barrier

Flat Barrier
Drawing of flat barrier
Drawing of cutting wire for a flat barrier
Specification of Flat Barrier
H, m
L, m
d, mm
S, mm
"Egoza-F-600-2.2" 600 6 2.2±0.05 0.45±0.05
"Egoza-F-600-2.5" 600 6 2.5±0.05 0.50±0.05
"Egoza-F-600-2.8" 600 6 2.8±0.05 0.50±0.05
"Egoza-F-600-3.2" 600 6 3.2±0.05 0.55±0.05
"Egoza-F-730-2.2" 730 7.3 2.2±0.05 0.45±0.05
"Egoza-F-730-2.5" 730 7.3 2.5±0.05 0.50±0.05
"Egoza-F-730-2.8" 730 7.3 2.8±0.05 0.50±0.05
"Egoza-F-730-3.2" 730 7.3 3.2±0.05 0.55±0.05

Purpose of the Flat Barrier

A flat barrier is used to protect various objects from intruders. Being flat, such a barrier is convenient to use for fencing various retail, warehouse and commercial facilities located within the city. A flat barrier can be installed not only on fences and other structures, but also on the moving parts of swing and sliding gates, as well as on top of wickets.

Flat Barrier Design

A flat barrier is a spiral of razor wire, the coils of which are located in the same plane and are offset relative to each other. At the intersections of the razor wire, it is connected with staples. The flat barrier is made of razor wire of various diameters. We produce several types of flat barrier with different heights.

Flat Barrier Materials

The flat barrier is made of razor wire, which, in turn, is made of zinc-coated wire and zinc-coated steel coils. The brackets are also made of zinc-coated steel. If necessary, the flat barrier can be made of stainless steel.

At What Price Can You Buy Flat Barriers?

Flat barriers can be bought at a price that is influenced by several factors at once. This is the type of razor wire that the flat barriers are made of and the width of the flat barrier. In addition, the wholesale price at which you can buy flat barriers from us is much lower than their retail price.