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Own Production

Razor wire, concertina and other security barriers

Razor Tape Production

At our factory, we produce razor tape, which we then use in the production of razor wire. The manufacture of razor tape is carried out on automatic punching equipment with high productivity. Specially designed hard metal dies are used in the stamping process, which make it possible to produce razor tape with sharp spikes and blades without damaging the zinc coating of the steel. We produce several types of razor tape, which differ in the thickness of steel, the shape and size of the blades, the width of the strip for crimping the core and other parameters. This makes it possible to then produce a wide range of razor wire for use in various security barriers.

Production of Razor Wire

Razor wire is made from purchased steel wire and razor tape of our production. For the production of razor wire, automated rolling lines are used, capable of producing large volumes of products in a short time. The high quality of rolling is ensured by equipment of a specially developed design, which, when the core is compressed with razor tape, does not damage the zinc coating of the wire and razor tape. In addition, our equipment provides a high compression density, which eliminates the separation of the razor tape from the core, both during the production of barriers and during their use for object protection. To reinforce razor tape, we use steel wire with a diameter of 1.8 to 3.2 mm and razor tape of several types, which makes it possible to manufacture a wide range of razor wire barriers of various types and purposes.

Production of Security Barriers

The production of security barriers is carried out only from razor wire of our production, the high quality of which is beyond doubt. Barriers are manufactured using modern high-performance equipment, which makes it possible to produce large volumes of concertina and other barriers in a short time. We produce a wide range of razor wire barriers, in addition, we are constantly improving their production technology and developing new types of security barriers.