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What Barrier Do You Need?

What Barrier Do You Need?

Purpose of Security Barriers

Given the wide range of types and sizes of razor wire barriers produced by our company, it is not always immediately possible to figure out what type of barrier you need. In some cases, the ideal solution would be to install a medium-diameter concertina, in some cases, to limit the use of razor wire to one strand, and sometimes you need to use a large-diameter concertina or even a pyramidal barrier.

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire, like a century and a half ago, can be used to create fences and hedges in agriculture, as well as to enhance the properties of fences. Installed in one or more rows, barbed wire will make it difficult to overcome the fence, but will not cause serious injury to animals in the corral or to anyone who dares to climb over the fence with barbed wire.

Razor Wire

Razor wire is used when it is necessary to strengthen the protective properties of the fence by placing barbed wire on top of it. Razor wire is stronger and more durable than ordinary barbed wire, so it can be used in all cases where ordinary barbed wire is used. The exception is when barbed wire is used in agriculture - livestock contact with razor wire can lead to serious consequences.

Flat Barrier

A flat barrier is one of the variants of razor wire barriers that have a flat shape. A flat barrier is a series of loops of razor wire located in the same plane offset by a third or half of the coil diameter. This design of the security barrier is quite effective and is used for installation on fences, gates and gates.

Razor Mesh

Razor mesh is another version of a razor wire fence that has a flat shape. Razor mesh has a height of 2 meters and is specially designed for the construction of new or strengthening old fences. razor mesh, due to its flat shape, does not protrude beyond the fence, so it has a wide range of applications. Razor mesh can be used to install a temporary fence around a construction site or other object, or you can enhance the protective properties of any fence by installing razor mesh on the surface of the fence panels.

Spiral Barrier

The spiral barrier is a spiral of razor wire that can be installed on all types of fences and other structures. A spiral made of razor wire does not have connecting clips and is freely located in space, providing, nevertheless, high protective properties. A spiral barrier made of razor wire can be used to protect various objects that need to be prevented from entering the territory.

Concertina Wire

The concertina barrier has a wide range of uses, from the protection of private property to the protection of the state border. The concertina barrier is a spiral of razor wire, the coils of which are connected by staples, forming a spring structure with diamond-shaped cells. Concertina has high strength, resistance to deformation and high spring properties, allowing it to restore its shape after external impact. Thanks to these qualities, concertina wire is widely used to protect the territory of large enterprises, airports, power plants, as well as strategic military and civilian facilities. Concertina is the most effective type of standard razor wire barrier.