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Razor Mesh

Razor mesh
Razor mesh drowing
Drawing of razor wire for razor mesh
Specification of Razor Mesh
L, m
H, m
d, mm
S, mm
"Egoza-M-2x10-2.8" 10 2 2.8±0.05 0.50±0.05
"Egoza-M-2.4x10-2.8" 10 2.7 2.8±0.05 0.50±0.05
"Egoza-M-2.7x10-2.8" 10 2.7 2.8±0.05 0.50±0.05

Purpose of the Razor Mesh

Razor mesh is intended for the manufacture of new fences, as well as to enhance the protective properties of existing fences. Thanks to its high protective properties and flat design, barbed mesh can be effectively used both to protect ordinary objects and to protect objects of strategic importance.

Razor Mesh Construction

Razor mesh is a web of parallel threads of razor wire, interconnected in a checkerboard pattern at a certain distance. When this barrier is stretched, a flat mesh with diamond-shaped cells is formed. Separate segments of razor mesh can be fastened together with connecting clips to form a continuous web of any length.

Razor Mesh Materials

Razor mesh is made from zinc-coated razor wire and zinc-coated connecting clips. Under the order the razor mesh can be made of stainless steel.

At What Price Can You Buy a Razor Mesh?

The price at which you can buy razor mesh from us depends on the type of razor wire used in the construction of the razor mesh, as well as on the height of this security barrier. Depending on whether the razor mesh is bought wholesale or retail, razor mesh price may also vary.