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Worldwide Sales & Cooperation

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Sales of Products

Having large production capacities, our company can fulfill orders for the supply of concentrina wire and other types of barriers in almost any volume. Our equipment is capable of producing such a volume of razor wire barriers that it can successfully fulfill an order for a concertina wire for a border fence of any length. At the same time, we do not forget about retail customers - we always have popular types of security barriers in stock in sufficient quantities. We sell our products not only in Poland, but also in other countries of the European Union, as well as around the world.


Despite the fact that we ourselves sell our products, we are always ready for cooperation. Since we have our own full-cycle production, we can always offer our partners favorable wholesale prices. As well as the supply of products that we carry out around the world, we are ready to cooperate with partners in the sale of our products in Poland and all over the world. Prices and volumes of products, as well as options for its delivery to our partners, can be discussed by contacting us in any convenient way.