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Raw Materials for the Production of Razor Wire and Barriers

The high quality of raw materials is one of the components of the high quality of manufactured products. In our case, the raw material is steel wire and rolled steel. The wire used in the production of razor wire must meet strict conditions. Firstly, it should be a high-carbon wire with pronounced spring properties. This is necessary so that it is more difficult to bite the razor wire, and the security barriers from it keep their shape well and restore it after deformation. The wire must have a high-quality zinc coating to protect against corrosion. Strict requirements are also imposed on rolled steel. Since the blades of the reinforced barbed tape have a larger area of contact with the atmosphere compared to the core, the steel coil must have a thicker and better zinc coating than the core wire. The use of high-quality materials for the manufacture of razor wire not only improves its protective properties, but also significantly increases its service life.

Production Technology

The technology for the production of razor wire and protective barriers from it, as well as the raw materials for their production, is an important component of the high quality of finished products. In our production, for the production of razor tape, razor wire and then security barriers, modern equipment with high productivity is used. Thanks to modern equipment and well-thought-out production technology, damage to the zinc coating of wire and steel is excluded at all stages of the production of razor wire and barriers. This ensures reliable compression of the razor tape of the steel core, as well as reliable fastening of the elements of the barriers with connecting clips, which are also made of zinc-coated steel.

Only Quality Products

All these parameters together make it possible to produce effective and durable barriers from razor wire. Our barriers can be operated for decades without reducing their protective properties, despite difficult weather conditions - high humidity, high rainfall, wind and other natural factors. Through the use of quality raw materials and advanced production technology, we offer our customers only the highest quality security barriers.